A Way to Freedom

For the greater part of my life, my relationship with Christ was static because of sin that kept me from drawing closer to Him. My frustration was that I could not receive victory over this bondage because there was no safe place for me to deal with my guilt and shame. During a recent time of renewal in my life, I was invited to receive Agape prayer ministry.

Not knowing that I would need to deal with this sin, I consented to be a recipient. As the moment of truth arrived and I faced this sin, I had tremendous resistance to naming and confessing it. The prayer ministry team prayed for courage that I would be able to release this sin to Jesus and allow Him to break the chains that had held me for the greater part of my adult life.

The Lord graciously led me to one of the most holy moments of my life. During this time I was only aware of  Jesus and His love for me and I repented of my sin and received forgiveness and release from my bondage. My guilt and shame have been taken away and I now live in the freedom that was evading my life for so long. I thank Jesus for providing a way to freedom through the ministry of three precious servants who were the human hands and mouth of Jesus for this moment of healing.

Today I offer myself as a member on the prayer ministry team. I want others to receive the cleansing and healing that Jesus promises us. I marvel how He works through us in bringing healing to the recipient.–Ken

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