Important Information Regarding Agape Prayer Ministry

Dear Friend and Fellow Believer,

Thank you for your participation and/or interest in the bi-annual Agape Prayer Ministry Schools that have been held in our region (and abroad) for nearly two decades. God has used prayer ministry to bring healing and freedom to many through Agape.

I am writing to inform you of an important change to the training School. Please read on for more detail.

For more than a year, the Agape Board for the Southeastern PA region (Joel Kolb, Sandy Landes, Starr Lichty, Anna Ralph and myself) has been meeting monthly to pray for the ministry. We have been seeking the Lord’s will for the future of the ministry and how it should take shape. We are sensing that it is time to “change the way we do School.”

We feel the Lord is calling us to move toward a congregation-focused model and away from the two-day, twice-a-year training model. The congregation-focused model would provide opportunity for more teaching, more rapid training and a wider reach of prayer, healing and discipleship ministry. It also means that each congregation could tailor training timetables and formats to meet their specific needs. We are currently praying and seeking how this could be implemented in one local congregation, and are praying about other opportunities.

While the details are not fully decided, this shift in focus means that there will be no March/September “schools” for the foreseeable future. Rather, we will be working with congregations on a case-by-case basis, as they express interest in a churchwide approach to healing and prayer ministry.

I hope that you will join us in praying for this new season of healing, ministry and prayer in our local congregations. I welcome any questions you have, and would be delighted to hear if your church has interest in participating.

Christina Alderfer
School Administrator

2013 School Schedule

The Agape Board met in January and is discerning the future format of Agape Prayer Ministry Schools. In order to focus on assisting churches already implementing the ministry, we will not be holding a school in Spring 2013. Please check back in mid-summer for information on a Fall school. Please contact Christina if you have questions.

Giving Hope, Opening Doors

During an Agape Prayer Ministry session, I shared about a challenge I had with our son, who had a learning disability in the area of language art.

As we were praying, one of the ministers got a picture of a guitar. She wondered if he played guitar. I was amazed, because he was taking guitar lessons. She went on to say that she saw a rainbow coming out of the sound hole of the guitar. It started small and kept getting larger. She said, “God is using your son, the guitar and the music.” The music coming from the guitar was ministering healing to many persons.

As I shared this word to our son in junior high, he was greatly encouraged. We knew that God would be faithful in keeping his promises and my husband and I began to see more of the good in our son, rather than the negative.

I soon heard the words from his teacher that he had taken him as far as he could and it was time for a professional teacher. God led us to a teacher who taught him by ear and he progressed amazingly well. He began a journey that has taken him to many countries with different artists. He and his wife are now with a Christian artist, serving as her electric guitar player and personal assistant.

God has been so faithful in opening doors for him and he is being used to bring hope to many teens.


Registration Packets Going Out Soon

Despite the heat of summer, it will be fall before you know it. The fall Agape School will be held October 5-6.

If you have attended an Agape School in the past two years, or are partway through your training, you will receive a registration packet in the mail during mid-July.

If you have not yet attended, but would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact Christina here.

Registration deadline is September 7, 2012.


Registration Deadline This Week

The registration deadline for the spring Agape Prayer Ministry Training School is this Friday, March 2. If you plan to attend, but have not yet completed the paperwork, please contact Christina via the contact page. Thanks, and we look forward to another successful and life-changing weekend.

When Will it Stop?

Have you ever experienced a season of life where you wondered when/if you’d get your head above water?

I have a tendency to be a forward-looking individual who completes a task or fulfills a responsibility and moves on to the next thing. I often have to remind myself to enjoy the moment, to stop and smell the roses (and stop with the list-making). However, there are times in life where we just wish we could fast-forward out of our pain.

For instance, though I consider myself a reasonably healthy person, I feel as if I have been recovering from one thing or another since the beginning of November. I just want to feel good and get some rest. Is that too much to ask? The lyrics of the song “You Alone Can Rescue” by Matt Redman speak to me at times like this–when I again realize how powerless I am without God. I hope they bless you too.

Who, oh Lord, could save themselves,
Their own soul could heal?
Our shame was deeper than the sea
Your grace is deeper still

You alone can rescue, You alone can save
You alone can lift us from the grave
You came down to find us, led us out of death
To You alone belongs the highest praise

You, oh Lord, have made a way
The great divide You heal
For when our hearts were far away
Your love went further still
Yes, your love goes further still

Walking the Talk

For nearly a year, the Advisory Board and other Agape leaders have been gathering once a month to pray for the training school and the spread of the ministry in the local area. Since we who are passionate about Agape Prayer Ministry want to see good things happening in Jesus’ name, we are taking the time to bring our requests before God and hear what He is saying about the direction we should go.

Many good things have come out of these prayer times. Most noticeably, there has been an increasing unity among the leaders. We not only see each other regularly, but come together and pray in agreement for freedom and healing. This unity was particularly evident at the fall 2011 training school. We had to operate on a condensed schedule and had to forgo one of our typical meeting times; still, we all walked away feeling like this was the best training school in several years.

We were also blessed to have a pastor and wife from India join us at one of the prayer times. They are helping to share the Agape ministry pattern there, where hundreds of pastors attend a single school, and some travel 14 hours by train to learn this ministry. The main takeaway that I received from his testimony was that we, as Americans, have so many options. We don’t have to rely on God to come through for us; we have good medical care, have a lot of access to food, live in circumstances where there is little corruption, etc.This was very convicting. If we expect little from God, we will see little. If we look for miracles and trust, we will see miracles.

We covet your prayers as we pray and seek the Lord’s will for using Agape in congregations throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey (plus all the other areas covered by other training schools). Let us remember that the best work we can do for the kingdom is done when we are on our knees.

I Have Been A Different Person Ever Since

I’ve struggled with some things most of my adult life that I thought were just part of my personality and that I had to live with – fears, anxiety and perfectionism to name a few. I tried for many years to keep them under control with only limited success.

I was personally introduced to the Agape Prayer Ministry in a setting where I asked for prayer about a specific situation that was making me fearful. I was SO blessed by just a small amount of prayer I received from two people fully trained in the Agape Ministry! I began to see that it WOULD be possible to be free of ALL my fears and other hang-ups, if I could lay them ALL before the Lord. As I prepared myself for my first formal Agape Prayer session, I began to wonder if my problems were not in some way related and caused by something I hadn’t been able to identify.

I was blessed in a mighty way by God through this ministry. God identified to me through the three people praying with me what had caused my problems. I left the prayer session feeling HEALED and I have been a different person ever since!

The feeling of freedom is WONDERFUL! Soon after I was healed I reread a passage in Matthew where people who were healed by Jesus followed him in droves everywhere he went. I said to myself, “If He healed them the way He healed me, who WOULDN’T follow him?!” Jesus wants us to be free of ALL yokes but His own, which is light and easy in comparison.–Lisa