Giving Hope, Opening Doors

During an Agape Prayer Ministry session, I shared about a challenge I had with our son, who had a learning disability in the area of language art.

As we were praying, one of the ministers got a picture of a guitar. She wondered if he played guitar. I was amazed, because he was taking guitar lessons. She went on to say that she saw a rainbow coming out of the sound hole of the guitar. It started small and kept getting larger. She said, “God is using your son, the guitar and the music.” The music coming from the guitar was ministering healing to many persons.

As I shared this word to our son in junior high, he was greatly encouraged. We knew that God would be faithful in keeping his promises and my husband and I began to see more of the good in our son, rather than the negative.

I soon heard the words from his teacher that he had taken him as far as he could and it was time for a professional teacher. God led us to a teacher who taught him by ear and he progressed amazingly well. He began a journey that has taken him to many countries with different artists. He and his wife are now with a Christian artist, serving as her electric guitar player and personal assistant.

God has been so faithful in opening doors for him and he is being used to bring hope to many teens.


I Have Been A Different Person Ever Since

I’ve struggled with some things most of my adult life that I thought were just part of my personality and that I had to live with – fears, anxiety and perfectionism to name a few. I tried for many years to keep them under control with only limited success.

I was personally introduced to the Agape Prayer Ministry in a setting where I asked for prayer about a specific situation that was making me fearful. I was SO blessed by just a small amount of prayer I received from two people fully trained in the Agape Ministry! I began to see that it WOULD be possible to be free of ALL my fears and other hang-ups, if I could lay them ALL before the Lord. As I prepared myself for my first formal Agape Prayer session, I began to wonder if my problems were not in some way related and caused by something I hadn’t been able to identify.

I was blessed in a mighty way by God through this ministry. God identified to me through the three people praying with me what had caused my problems. I left the prayer session feeling HEALED and I have been a different person ever since!

The feeling of freedom is WONDERFUL! Soon after I was healed I reread a passage in Matthew where people who were healed by Jesus followed him in droves everywhere he went. I said to myself, “If He healed them the way He healed me, who WOULDN’T follow him?!” Jesus wants us to be free of ALL yokes but His own, which is light and easy in comparison.–Lisa

God Did Not Let Me Down

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.”  Romans 8:1-2

Having personally experienced Agape ministry prior to attending the school on March 26-27, I came expecting God to meet me up close and personal.  He did not let me down!  The freedom that Christ gave me is in my relationship with my mother-in-law.

When my husband brought me home to meet his parents, my future mother-in-law made some very direct comments about what her hopes were for her son’s wife.  Essentially, I was not the chosen one.  I was flabbergasted; our relationship was off to a bad start.  Over the years the offenses continued to mount.  My husband encouraged me to talk directly with her about things that bothered me, but I found these conversations to be extremely frustrating.  Offenses were never owned, only excused.  Eventually I gave up trying.  Twenty-two years later, as my husband and I, with God’s GREAT grace, worked to put our marriage back together, we took time to examine the impact the relationship with his parents had on our marriage, and what God would have us do differently.

Two years later she offered her apology, “If I have offended you in any way, I am sorry.”  Since it wasn’t a matter of “if”, I replied, “Yes, you offended me.  I forgive you.”  In my human heart I wanted to air the dirty laundry list, have a good gut wrenching cry, and ask her at the top of my voice, “Why did you say and do these things?”  However, God’s words from Matthew 6:14-15 were very clear in my mind, “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”  I could not, not forgive her.

Working out a relationship with someone who does not understand their offences and therefore does not change their behavior is a challenge.  Obviously the 7 x 70 principle is at work (Mathew 18:21-22).  I think of it this way, in an episode of a home decorating show that airs on cable television, a brand new door was hooked to the back of a pick-up truck and dragged down the street in order to “distress” it, to make it look old and weathered.  In that memorable conversation with my future mother-in-law, I became the door chained to the back of the Ford F-150 pick-up truck, never knowing when or if I’m going to be dragged down the street.  When I am dragged down the street and the truck stops, I forgive again, but the bondage is not broken and the wounds never heal.  You see, it’s always just a matter of time before the truck takes off again.

As health and aging issues take their toll on my in-laws, while I have the heart to care for them, I have never been overjoyed at the thought of having more contact with them.  I came to this school, very tired and weary of this relationship, and without hope that it would/could ever change.  In my session, God gave me the opportunity to verbalize those offenses, have a good cry, express forgiveness to my mother-in-law, ask God’s forgiveness for my sinful actions towards her, receive His forgiveness, forgive myself, and pray blessing upon her.  Through Christ Jesus, the law of the Spirit of Life has set me free from the law of sin and death.  I am no longer a door chained to the back of the Ford F-150 pick-up truck.  I am set free to walk in the light of God’s love, respond to my mother-in-law with God’s grace, and confident that God’s power will enable me to resist the enemy’s attempts to chain me back up (James 4:7).    I have released her to God, with renewed confidence in God’s ability to bring about change where and when it is needed in her life.

By the way, I got to start walking this out on Resurrection Sunday. During the course of Easter dinner with my in-laws, several comments were made, but this time it was different.  The FORD F-150 revved its engine a few times and when it took off, because of God’s great work that he did in me during my Agape session my anger did not rise, false guilt was held at bay, and my heart was filled with compassion.  I waved good-bye and watched the truck drive away.  PRAISE GOD!  -Anonymous

A Way to Freedom

For the greater part of my life, my relationship with Christ was static because of sin that kept me from drawing closer to Him. My frustration was that I could not receive victory over this bondage because there was no safe place for me to deal with my guilt and shame. During a recent time of renewal in my life, I was invited to receive Agape prayer ministry.

Not knowing that I would need to deal with this sin, I consented to be a recipient. As the moment of truth arrived and I faced this sin, I had tremendous resistance to naming and confessing it. The prayer ministry team prayed for courage that I would be able to release this sin to Jesus and allow Him to break the chains that had held me for the greater part of my adult life.

The Lord graciously led me to one of the most holy moments of my life. During this time I was only aware of  Jesus and His love for me and I repented of my sin and received forgiveness and release from my bondage. My guilt and shame have been taken away and I now live in the freedom that was evading my life for so long. I thank Jesus for providing a way to freedom through the ministry of three precious servants who were the human hands and mouth of Jesus for this moment of healing.

Today I offer myself as a member on the prayer ministry team. I want others to receive the cleansing and healing that Jesus promises us. I marvel how He works through us in bringing healing to the recipient.–Ken