Giving Hope, Opening Doors

During an Agape Prayer Ministry session, I shared about a challenge I had with our son, who had a learning disability in the area of language art.

As we were praying, one of the ministers got a picture of a guitar. She wondered if he played guitar. I was amazed, because he was taking guitar lessons. She went on to say that she saw a rainbow coming out of the sound hole of the guitar. It started small and kept getting larger. She said, “God is using your son, the guitar and the music.” The music coming from the guitar was ministering healing to many persons.

As I shared this word to our son in junior high, he was greatly encouraged. We knew that God would be faithful in keeping his promises and my husband and I began to see more of the good in our son, rather than the negative.

I soon heard the words from his teacher that he had taken him as far as he could and it was time for a professional teacher. God led us to a teacher who taught him by ear and he progressed amazingly well. He began a journey that has taken him to many countries with different artists. He and his wife are now with a Christian artist, serving as her electric guitar player and personal assistant.

God has been so faithful in opening doors for him and he is being used to bring hope to many teens.


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