I Have Been A Different Person Ever Since

I’ve struggled with some things most of my adult life that I thought were just part of my personality and that I had to live with – fears, anxiety and perfectionism to name a few. I tried for many years to keep them under control with only limited success.

I was personally introduced to the Agape Prayer Ministry in a setting where I asked for prayer about a specific situation that was making me fearful. I was SO blessed by just a small amount of prayer I received from two people fully trained in the Agape Ministry! I began to see that it WOULD be possible to be free of ALL my fears and other hang-ups, if I could lay them ALL before the Lord. As I prepared myself for my first formal Agape Prayer session, I began to wonder if my problems were not in some way related and caused by something I hadn’t been able to identify.

I was blessed in a mighty way by God through this ministry. God identified to me through the three people praying with me what had caused my problems. I left the prayer session feeling HEALED and I have been a different person ever since!

The feeling of freedom is WONDERFUL! Soon after I was healed I reread a passage in Matthew where people who were healed by Jesus followed him in droves everywhere he went. I said to myself, “If He healed them the way He healed me, who WOULDN’T follow him?!” Jesus wants us to be free of ALL yokes but His own, which is light and easy in comparison.–Lisa

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