Ministry Training School

The Agape Prayer Ministry Training School is available for pastors and approved lay leaders who desire to minister in their home congregation using the Agape model. Many individuals who have received ministry desire to become trained in order to bless others and help them find freedom and wholeness. Congregations benefit from having this ministry available as an option for current and new members who are looking to walk more closely with the Lord.

The purpose of the AGAPE Prayer Ministry School is to equip and empower congregational leaders and lay persons to minister freedom to others through the AGAPE model.

The Training School is an intense two-day experience filled with biblical teaching and opportunities to practice the model under the guidance of a trained leader. All participants receive a training manual that can be reviewed between schools and support students as they have opportunity to minister in their church body.

The Training School includes seven teaching sessions which introduce and explain the AGAPE model.The weekend also includes three times of ministry in which participants observe and practice the techniques taught in the larger sessions. Everyone who attends the School for the first time will receive a time of personal ministry during one of these ministry sessions. Those doing the ministry are fellow participants who are further along in their training, supervised by a trained instructor.

Individuals planning to complete AGAPE Prayer Ministry training should anticipate attending at least three to four Schools, but the number of Schools needed to finish the process is directly proportionate to the amount of practice trainees receive in their local congregations between Schools.

The Training School is held two weekends a year, typically at the end of March and end of September. The weekend runs from 8am-10pm on Friday and 8am-6pm on Saturday. Participants should plan to stay for the entire School. Currently the School is held at Perkiomenville Mennonite Church in Perkiomenville, PA, and housing with local families is available at no charge. Meals are included in the $75 registration fee.

Anyone who is not a pastor is not free to attend a training School unless their pastoral leader has already attended a School or is registering for the current one. Additionally, a pastor’s signature is required on the application of all first-time participants. His/ her signature verifies that the person meets all of the following criteria:

  •  Is born again and peacefully open to the full workings of the Holy Spirit
  • Is a member in good standing in their local congregation
  • Manifests fruit of Christian maturity
  • Has spiritual giftings which will enable them to function in this ministry
  • Has a teachable spirit and submits to spiritual leadership and authority
  • Has a calling to this ministry in their local congregation

Please remember that the School is for persons who desire to be trained as prayer ministers.Those wanting only to receive AGAPE prayer ministry should do so through one of the local participating churches.