Walking the Talk

For nearly a year, the Advisory Board and other Agape leaders have been gathering once a month to pray for the training school and the spread of the ministry in the local area. Since we who are passionate about Agape Prayer Ministry want to see good things happening in Jesus’ name, we are taking the time to bring our requests before God and hear what He is saying about the direction we should go.

Many good things have come out of these prayer times. Most noticeably, there has been an increasing unity among the leaders. We not only see each other regularly, but come together and pray in agreement for freedom and healing. This unity was particularly evident at the fall 2011 training school. We had to operate on a condensed schedule and had to forgo one of our typical meeting times; still, we all walked away feeling like this was the best training school in several years.

We were also blessed to have a pastor and wife from India join us at one of the prayer times. They are helping to share the Agape ministry pattern there, where hundreds of pastors attend a single school, and some travel 14 hours by train to learn this ministry. The main takeaway that I received from his testimony was that we, as Americans, have so many options. We don’t have to rely on God to come through for us; we have good medical care, have a lot of access to food, live in circumstances where there is little corruption, etc.This was very convicting. If we expect little from God, we will see little. If we look for miracles and trust, we will see miracles.

We covet your prayers as we pray and seek the Lord’s will for using Agape in congregations throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey (plus all the other areas covered by other training schools). Let us remember that the best work we can do for the kingdom is done when we are on our knees.

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